How lottery revenues from Southeastern states are distributed

Georgia Lottery Corporation
o HOPE Scholarships $1.6 billion
o Pre-Kindergarten Program $1.6 billion
o Capital Outlay and Technology for Primary and Secondary Schools $1.78 billion

Kentucky Lottery Corporation
o Education $214 million
o Vietnam Veterans $32 million
o General Fund $1.2 billion
o Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarships $107 million
o Affordable Housing Trust Fund $13.8 million
o Literacy Programs $6 million

Virginia Lottery
o General Fund (FY 1989-1998) $2.8 billion
o General Fund to be used only as direct aid to Public Education (K-12) (FY 1999-present) $974.5 million
o Library Fund (for school construction additions and renovations) $97.9 million
o Debt Set-Off Collection $9.1 million

Florida Lottery
o Education $11.0 billion

Source: North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries