The Daily Beacon is currently accepting submissions for its Sept. 11 issue commemorating the events of the terrorist attacks and the subsequent progress.
All students, faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences or reactions about the terrorist attacks on the United States one year ago.
"This is an opportunity for the UT community to give its perspective on this first anniversary of America's triumph over tragedy," John Tester, editor-in-chief of the Beacon, said. "I think it is important for the community to share its experiences and growth over this past year."
Submissions can either be typed and physically sent to the newsroom in Communications Bldg. Room 5 or be sent via e-mail at
Each submission must be less than 200 words in length and include the sender's name as well as year in school and major or position and department. Please also include a telephone number for the Beacon staff's reference.
All entries must be received in the newsroom no later than Monday, Sept. 9 at 4 p.m.