Founded in 1920 at Howard University, Zeta Phi Beta is a sorority that celebrates individuality and service.
UT chapter Pi Epsilon will have an informational meeting on Sept. 8 at 7:20 p.m. in Panhellenic Building Room 404.
Chapter President Marquita Barton said that Zeta women proudly have a very diverse range of personalities, races and cultures.
Zeta members are involved in many activities, including projects like Stork's Nest, which is in conjunction with the March of Dimes and encourages healthy behavior during pregnancy, and the Human Genome Project.
Barton explained that Zeta also hosts various social events.
"We host a week every spring of special events like the Zeta Man of the Year, which is a pageant for men who compete for a prize," she said.
Jessica Thomas, a junior in English, chose to join Zeta Phi Beta because of the warm, accepting nature of the sorority.
"I could be myself without having to change my personality or what I believe," Thomas said.
Thomas said that the close relationships with members and the laid-back atmosphere are the best things about Zeta, and she encourages UT women to learn more about the sorority.
"A lot of people who are in my sorority were disillusioned with sororities, and then they found our sorority and found more to it than just the Greek stuff," Barton said.

- Lisa Schohl contributed to this story.