The USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Network is working closely with United Day of Service organizers, to commemorate the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.
The United Day of Service will be enacted on Wednesday, Sept. 11 in a spirit of volunteerism.
Organizations are asking students to help participate.
According to a press release, the UDS divided up the areas of concern into five major categories and gave ways to help out in each area.
The UDS hopes that by pinpointing the problem areas, they can make some of their goals easier to obtain because it will encourage more people to show up.
"The projects will provide an entry point for thousands of young people into the service and ongoing recognition for the millions of other youth who already make service an integral part of their lives," the press release said.
The five categories are hunger, literacy, environment, emergency relief and children's health.
For hunger it suggests holding a food drive, much like the one that will be held during the next UT football game against Florida. To help with literacy, they suggest reading projects in partnership with the National Center for Family Literacy.
Planting trees is recommended to help the environment, and washing cars is recommended to help fire, police and other rescue organizations in raising funds for emergency relief.
Many reiterate the necessity for America's youth participating.
"As our greatest national asset, it is only fitting that younger Americans commemorate the attacks with acts of kindness and service to others," said Steve Culbertson, president and CEO of Youth Service America. "Millions of young people serving together in honor of others and creating a tidal wave of good sends a powerful message of hope and healing around the globe."
Many major corporations are getting into the act, including Regal Entertainment Group, which is based in East Tennessee.
Regal will show UDS public service announcements, distribute one million CD-ROMs with electronic tools to help kids create quality service-learning projects and serve popcorn in UDS bags.