LAWRENCEBURG (AP) - University of Tennessee President John Shumaker said Wednesday he has not paid back $24,600 he agreed to reimburse the school for 25 questionable flights he took on the school airplane.
Findings of the university audit are expected Monday. Shumaker already has reimbursed the university $5,134 to cover questionable commercial flights.
"The auditors and I have discussed the extent to which we can refine the amount for the second one, and I said, 'That's OK, we can do that.' I'll write the check as soon as we get the audits finished," Shumaker said.
The state comptroller's office also will make a broad review of UT's finances to coincide with the school's internal audit. The University of Louisville is conducting a similar probe of expenses incurred by Shumaker during his tenure as president there.