CHICAGO (AP) - An unlicensed, uninsured driver who hit two girls with his car was beaten and his vehicle set ablaze as he tried to check on the children, police said.
Johnathan Hemphill was driving on the city's South Side Thursday night when his car veered onto a sidewalk and hit the girls as they played around an open fire hydrant, police spokeswoman Alice Casanova said.
When Hemphill got out of the car to check on the girls, he was approached by three men who punched him in the face and hit him with a bucket, she said.
Hemphill's car was then set on fire, but it was unclear if the same men who attacked Hemphill also set the fire, Casanova said.
The girls were treated for cuts and bruises, and Hemphill, 33, was taken to a hospital for minor injuries, Casanova said. A woman who was traveling with Hemphill was not injured.