Gee, time at the newsroom has flown by these past couple of years.
I must begin by saying thanks to my adviser, Bonnie Hufford. At her insistence, I decided to join the paper for the summer. I expected nothing from the experience but have stayed long enough to gain a lifetime full of memories.
My first day in the newsroom I was completely frightened by everything. I never imagined that I would become an old pro. After spending a year and a half with the Beaconers, all of which I've enjoyed working with, I must now do what my predecessors have done and move on with life. As my final semester at UT brings the chaos of finding a real job and getting ready to move to the coldest state ever, Michigan, I must say farewell to my buddies at the Beacon, without them my collegiate experience would not have been the same.
ÊStacy Covington, student life editor

Ah, that's it. It's been nice. I would like to say good-bye to Megan my confidant and chit chat comrade. The best of luck to the soda king and all of the non-computers. I will miss having the only desk at the Beacon in complete and utter disarray. I will miss Miss Banks' contagious laugh and all the fun Beaconites. Thanks to all of the fabulous entertainment writers who worked and rocked so hard. Thanks to the person that wrote my name in the elevator that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen ... This is Rose as entertainment editor signing out ... hoof heartedly.
Rosemary Nottoli, entertainment editor

Wow, this goodbye thing is highly reminiscent of high school yearbook signing. Stay sweet kids, have a good break, see ya next year, etc. Except ... the last one is a lie ... HA! I am not coming back next year. That's right, my little friends I am graduating, breaking free of this orange straight jacket. OlŽ! Goodbye to the person who occupies the desk to my right; have fun spending that extra money they give you to annoy me. Goodbye, to the one who sits to my left; I had a ball planning hypothetical trips to random ex-Soviet republics and looking up phrases in obscure languages. To everyone else that has been privileged to share this newsroom with me, its been real ... real special. Long live the velvet revolution!
Sarah Stiles, government copy editor

Goodbye to my dearest Knoxville friends Alicia Carroll, Sarah Scoonover, Kisha Young, Jackie Knoll, Kara Borum, Kally Miester, and the countless other people in this city that have made my life here warm.
Goodbye too to Drs. Arthur Smith, Michael Knight, and Bethany Dumas who each helped shaped me into a better writer and, in their own individual ways, a better human being.
And goodbye to The Daily Beacon -- to Editor Boy, Photo Girl, Hollyface, Brettypoos, the production girls, and everybody else for making this one of the best jobs I've ever had and to Stefano's and Hibachi Factory for making it one of the tastiest, too.
Goodbye, UT. We've done each other well.
Ben Samples, production artist

Auf wiedersehen.
Sarah Sherburn, production artist.

One final shout-out list: a whole bunch of shots-out to the fabulous Beaconites who have ever befriended me together we've been kicked out of Las Vegas casinos for rollerskating, out of hotels for naked Jacuzzi-swimming, out of clubs, out of significant others' lives ... but we never got kicked out of the newsroom; shots-out to everyone who ever read, or allowed me to write, what I darn well felt like writing; no shout-out to the color orange; shots-out to Johnny Knoxville and flip-flops; a shout-out to the Longbranch, of course; and perhaps the hugest shout-out of all is still up for grabs, available to any respectable publication out there willing to hire me after I graduate so that I don't really have to move to Arizona and become a cowgirl.
Leslie Wylie, staff writer