As Bing Crosby so beautifully sang, "Let it Snow."
While no one here at the Beacon has a comparable voice, we were singing this at the top of our lungs. We were pleading. Some of us even prayed.
Well, we got it. Mounds of the white substance. We, too, will watch our movies, drink our cocoa (or Bailey's and coffee) and play snow football, just like many of our friends to the north get to on a regular basis in the winter.
But we urge students to be careful. If you shouldn't drive, don't get in the car. Don't sled where you think cars will still occupy the road. As fun as snow can be, it can still be dangerous and should be respected accordingly.
That being said, we encourage our fellow students to partake in the winter fun. Watch movies, pig out, read a good book, listen to music or better yet, go out and enjoy the weather.
We recommend snow football, snowball fights and building snowmen (but watch out where you put the carrot).
But more than all, we recommend organizing the mother of all snow games: capture the flag. Split the campus in two and engage in trench warfare next to the Humanities Building.
And finally, we must warn you to stay away from the yellow snow. As fun as it would be to find some random freshman and torture them, we cannot condone this activity.