NASHVILLE - A grand jury will hear the case of two anti-war demonstrators charged last March with criminal trespassing after they tried to enter the building where Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has his Nashville office.
A General Session court hearing on Monday sent the cases of Andrew Smith, 35, and Jason Bell, 25, to the grand jury, which could indict the men.
The two were arrested March 21 when they and 20 others opposed to the war in Iraq tried to get to Frist's office on the second floor of a private office building. Earlier, Frist staff member Bart Verhulst had met with 20 war protesters.
But when the second group tried to enter the building lobby, a half-dozen Nashville police officers ordered them to leave.
Smith, Bell and a third demonstrator, Karl Meyer, were arrested and handcuffed when they kept walking inside.
Meyer, a carpenter, was convicted of trespassing but has appealed. A hearing is set for Tuesday.
Smith is an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University and Bell is a graduate student at Vanderbilt University.
Chris Lugo, who organized a Monday demonstration in support of the three, said the men had a right to see their senator and should have been allowed in the building, which also contains medical offices.