PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico (AP) - Three bounty hunters arrested in Mexico for capturing fugitive rapist Andrew Luster failed to show up in court Monday, a judge said.
Duane "Dog" Chapman, his son Leland, and his brother Timothy flew to California last week shortly after they were released from jail in Puerto Vallarta.
It was unclear where Chapman was Monday.
Judge Jose de Jesus Pineda told the Associated Press the three could do whatever they wanted with their free time as long as they checked in with court officials every Monday morning.
Pineda last month ordered the three tried on charges of criminal association and deprivation of liberty for their attempt to grab Luster in the streets of Puerto Vallarta. The Max Factor heir was on the run after being convicted in absentia in California of drugging and raping three women.
If they do not return to Mexico, Pineda could seek a second warrant for their arrest, and it is possible Mexico will request their extradition from the United States.