Students vying for the Board of Trustees Student Representative position started campaigning in January and are still at it. The students running say it is taking too long to receive word of a decision.
Jason Coffey, a junior in business, said he is not getting information as he should from Gov. Phil Bredesen's office.
"The governor's office has been unhelpful in getting us information about the process and about when the decision is going to be made," Coffey said. "I have to speak to assistants and never get a straight answer. This could have been handled much differently."
Three students running for the position participated in this spring's SGA elections. Two of the students were directly supported and sponsored by SGA parties while one ran independently.
Carol White, a junior in food science and technology, won the student vote in April by a narrow margin over Coffey. White said she is making some headway in the selection process.
"I recently received a phone call from the governor's office asking for a TBI background check," she said. "However, I have had no other contact with the governor's office."
White said the "overwhelming tasks" the governor has undertaken in the past months may have slowed the selection process.
"This period of uncertainty has been very difficult for all of us," White added.
In an e-mail last week to selected faculty, administrators, friends and student leaders, Ben Sanders announced he had decided to put his support behind White.
"I have had the opportunity to work and be friends with Carol for many years, and I have been impressed by her performance time and again," Sanders said.
Sanders did not, however, resign from the race.
"To those who supported my candidacy, I am very grateful and I thank you. In respect for your ardent support, I would not feel right resigning the race," he said.
White said, "I was very surprised when I received notification of Ben's 'resignation.'"
Sanders did not respond to an interview request by the Daily Beacon.
SGA President Sarah Keeton said all three candidates have worked hard and commended them for their efforts. Keeton also explained there are no set guidelines for choosing the successor for the position.
"There is nothing written out," Keeton said. "As far as I know, the vote tallies were sent to the governor's office along with the resumes of the three candidates. Hopefully, a decision will be made soon."
White said personal interviews with the governor prior to the selection of the representative would be best. Both White and Coffey have been unsuccessful at meeting with the governor, however.
On a similar note, Gov. Bredesen's office has confirmed that Sanders and former Student Body President Elizabeth Clement paid a "courtesy call" to the governor in early April after the SGA elections had taken place.