UT's Freshman Council will sponsor several political awareness forums in the coming weeks.
On March 10 the council is holding a "Pizza and Politics" forum with an unnamed UT faculty member to mediate discussion on the possibility of war. The forum is meant to educate freshmen on the different aspects of a possible war.
Council member Eric Harkness said keeping students informed was an important part of the council's duties.
"How aware are we as students about what's going on in the world and what's going on in the Middle East?" Harkness asked. "This is about being informed."
Harkness' government sub-committee of the council is also planning a sweatshop awareness day titled, "Do you know where your clothes come from?"
"Even as students, we can think globally," Harkness said. "You can complain to the Gap or Nike or Adidas or whoever about sweatshop conditions and whether some 9 year old is making their products."
Additionally, the council is planning an SGA voter awareness day during which council members will hand out pamphlets with voting information and party platforms.
The Freshman Council met last Thursday after skipping a week for the SGA Knoxville Affairs Committee City County Forum.
The council's meeting focused primarily on upcoming charity activities and fund-raisers.
Council member Laura Felker urged members to sign up to become team members for the upcoming Relay for Life event. Felker outlined the qualifications for participation in the event and displayed an ornament to be given out to those who volunteer.
"This is why you should join Relay for Life - not only are you helping a good cause, you get a blinky pin," Felker said.