The Student Government Association Student Services Volunteer Action Committee discussed the Campus Chest program Wednesday evening.
Campus Chest will be a collective donation from the UT community to its charity, the Sarah Moore Green Elementary School's Clinic. The donations will consist of both supplies and money donated by members of the UT community.
The clinic does not have an adequate stock of supplies, and the school cannot pay anyone to work there, according to Jenna DiMaria, undecided sophomore and director of Volunteer Action. The money collected for Campus Chest will be used to pay for someone to work in the school clinic.
A kiddie pool will be put up in the Presidential Courtyard for later this week and through next week. Any money thrown into the pool will go toward the Campus Chest fund.
Money for Campus Chest may also be donated at the SGA office on the third floor of the University Center. For any further questions, e-mail Jenna DiMaria at