ATLANTA (AP) - United Parcel Service and FedEx aren't just battling to move packages faster; they're also scrambling to embed their online shipping tools into the business software and Web sites their customers use most.
FedEx tools are a seamless, exclusive part of the popular QuickBooks accounting program. UPS has lashed itself so tightly onto the online auction house eBay that users no longer have to go off the site to process shipments, track packages and figure costs.
"We have found that when we're baked in, customers ship more and ... we have found they stay with UPS longer," Jordan Colletta said, e-commerce vice president for the Atlanta-based company.
He said the volume of packages UPS has delivered for people using third-party software has doubled since 2001, and more than 60,000 businesses have now licensed the company's online tools and integrated them into their Web sites.