ABILENE, Kan. (AP) For $70,000, you'd think the sale of a greyhound involved a bus.
But it was a greyhound of the fast, four-legged kind that drew the hefty winning bid a record at the semiannual auction of the National Greyhound Association in Abilene.
The 16-month-old dog, named Rooftop Gizmo, was bred and raised by Emporia resident James Potter. Potter sold 10 dogs Saturday for a total $274,200, including $45,000 for Gizmo's littermate Rooftop Rip Cord.
Gary Weber, of Milliken, Colo., bought Rooftop Gizmo with plans to send the dog to Wheeling, W.Va., where racing purses are 10 times higher than in Kansas.
I liked the way he ran, Weber said. He changed lanes and didn't miss a stride.
The previous record in the NGA auction was $56,000 paid in 1991.