UT- Emphasizes UT's ability to contribute its resources to the city and the state. Would focus energy through "UT Council," a group of students and staff who would represent the needs of the university to the city.

Downtown- Supports the Crandall-Arambula Nine Counties One Vision downtown redevelopment plan. Tends to support attracting larger businesses and corporations to foster improvements to the city.

Historic Preservation- Supports working with property owners to preserve historic structures.

Transportation- Supports building a downtown transit center to bring people downtown, help alleviate parking problems and help improve air quality.

Madeline Rogero

UT- Wants open channels and would plan to make visits to campus on a regular basis to meet with students and officials from the university.

Downtown- Tends to support the role of small businesses in the redevelopment of downtown.

Historic Preservation- Supports designating a position in city administration with specific responsibility for historic preservation issues.

Transportation- Supports investigating other mass transit alternatives, including dedicated bus lanes and rail and incorporating bicycling and walking facilities into all transportation.