collects letters for troops
ORANGE, Calif. (AP) - Between studying for geometry and playing softball, high school student Shauna Fleming has somehow found time to organize a campaign to collect 1 million letters of appreciation for military troops at home and abroad.
With the help of her classmates at Orange Lutheran High School, Fleming began her push Wednesday to gather the letters from around the nation by the end of May - which is National Military Appreciation Month. The campaign is called "A Million Thanks."
"I believe we need to support our troops 110 percent, even if we don't agree having them over there," the 15-year-old freshman said.
Over the next two months, letters are expected to pour in from all over the nation to the private Christian school. The mail will get sorted by students, who will receive credit toward the school's mandatory service requirement, and then get shipped to various military bases. Soldiers will then transport the letters to various points.