"Joe, that was a wonderful relief that Friday afternoon when Jim Haslam and I talked to you, when you said, this is the last thing I want to do, but my blood runs orange."
Board of Trustees Vice Chair Clayton McWhorter on Interim President Joe Johnson ending his career at UT

"Not only do we have a president, but we've helped build a stronger board and a stronger university in the process."
Gov. Phil Bredesen

"It's a delight to watch you operate."
Interim President Joseph Johnson to Board of Trustee members on the presidential search

"I think UConn is a great school. It's very much like ours. I was impressed overall because they have a med school, it's a land grant university and I think he is the superior of the two candidates, personally."
Trustee D. Lynn Johnson

"The only good job I did was keeping them all working, it really didn't take much to keep them excited."
Presidential Search Advisory Chair Jim Murphy about the SAC members

"This marks the end of a process that began last fall. It gave everyone who cared an opportunity to speak out. Forty-seven candidates have now been carved down to three."
Gov. Phil Bredesen