"Basically the most significant qualities I want our new president to have are high moral standards and sympathy and concern for the student body and the everyday issues we face here at UT. If we have a president that has a strong moral foundation in his own life then we won't have to face the problems of our past few presidents."
- Ryan Scafe, sophomore in political science

"I want to see a new president that is committed to excellence in all areas of college life. We need a president that will help the university by building strong programs, pushing academic standards, communicating positively with student organizations, and encouraging top-notch personnel."
- Kendra Parham, sophomore in business

"I want to see an honest president that will fight for not only what is good for the university but also what the students would like to see."
- Ryan Shealy, undecided freshman

"I am hopeful that our new president at UT, regardless of who it is, will exhibit exceptional integrity combined with a sense of awareness as to what this university's needs and demands are."
- Rawleigh Martin, sophomore in forestry

"The UT community deserves a leader that will take an active role in reestablishing the honor and dignity of the university."
- Tessa Rosenberg, junior in speech communication

"I want this university's new president to know what the students want and to be able to relate to them. Tuition goes up every year, but we, the students, never see the effects of raised tuition."
- Sarah Jane Park, sophomore in psychology

"I think the new president should genuinely care about the well-being of students at UT."
- Brooke Warren, sophomore in pre-med