The end of the semester is here, and with that comes finals. The Daily Beacon was curious to know how students were going to study and where all this studying was taking place.

"I'm just going over the review sheet given to us by the teacher. I study in my room or in the reserve." - Kaoun Kaihani, an undecided freshman

"Probably at the library. I haven't thought about how to study ... probably about two hours for each class per day."
- Lyndsay Newell, a freshman in business marketing

"I do study ... in groups because two is better than one depending on the stress of the class."
- Josh Dunham, a freshman in economics

"I usually study at home. I rewrite my notes, work out problems, read notes and take notes on the books."
- Jayme Place, a graduate student in masters of accounting taxation

"(I study) just by myself in the study room in the dorm and read my notes and whatever I highlight in my book."
- Doug Owings, an undecided freshman

"My study habits aren't very good - I don't really study and I don't really go anywhere."
- Hunter Tenpenny, a junior in turfgrass management

"I study in the library and in Thorton. I read over the book mostly and notes from class and every once in awhile I have someone quiz me."
- Julia Lutz, a freshman in nutrition

"I don't study. No, I do - usually right here in the library. Pretty much cramming everything in the three to four hours right before an exam."
- Curt Roberts, a junior in urban studies

"Usually the night before the test somewhere inside the library."
- Christopher Potter, a junior in business studies

"I study for finals in the library stacks and usually at six at night until 2. I just read my notes basically and read the book."
- Kara Moore, a junior in advertising

- Compiled by Esther Baumgardner