HAGERMAN, Idaho (AP) - When at the prom, it's best to stick to your date.
No problem for Lynlea Jayo and Josh Traughber, a high school couple who used duct tape, thrift-store jackets and bed sheets to make their own formal wear for just $30.
Jayo and Traughber's creativity put them in the running for $2,500 scholarships. The Duck brand duct-tape company also gave $2,500 to the school as part of a national contest.
"It's my last prom, and I wanted to go with a bang," Traughber said. "I think we hit on something way different."
Her dress was made from an old bed sheet. She used three rolls of black and red tape on the hourglass-shaped gown with spaghetti straps.
"I thought about a lot of different ideas, but it's hard to imagine what a duct tape dress will look like until you make it," Jayo said.
Because of an extra layer of duct tape, Traughber's jacket weighed 14 pounds. He also made duct-tape slacks, a duct-tape T-shirt and a black-and-white checkered tie using six rolls of tape.
"It was a memory in the making," Jayo said.