CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - You might say Ken Hechler would like to see voters streaking to the polls.
Hechler's new slogan to get people to register and vote: "Vote Naked!"
The 89-year-old candidate for West Virginia secretary of state made the suggestion in an advertisement in the April 1 edition of Graffiti, a Charleston-based monthly tabloid.
The ad is the last in a series of four in which Hechler, a liberal Democrat who previously served as secretary of state from 1985 to 2001, pokes fun at himself and his campaign.
The first ad, in January, portrayed Hechler on a large motorcycle. In February, the ad featured a photograph of Hechler delivering a 2002 commencement address - in song - to Fairmont State College graduates.
In March it was a picture of Hechler dressed as a SWAT commando and carrying a fly swatter, threatening to swat apathetic people who don't vote.