What is your favorite or least favorite thing about being back to school?

"My least favorite is Circle Park Online. I just wish I could check my schedule and at least use it in the off hours. I think parts of it should be open at all times."
-Matt Rausch, fifth year student in political science

"You can't drink at 2 in the afternoon anymore."
-Gavin Merlino, junior in architecture

"My favorite thing is football season. Being in a new house in the Fort is great - it's nice and close and good walking distance to the games."
-Laura Ellis, senior in finance

"I hate the traffic and extremely massive amounts of people everywhere. Classes are packed to the rim. It's not very conducive to learning."
-Cleveland Bain, senior in political science

"My least favorite thing is the parking tickets. I already got one before classes even started."
-Michelle White, sophomore in business

"I like being back with my friends and seeing people I haven't seen in a while."
-Jessica Keaney, sophomore in nursing