KNOXVILLE - A Knoxville man was arrested Saturday for three counts of aggravated robbery in an incident involving two University of Tennessee students and another non-student victim.
Dwight Williams, 22, was arrested by the Knoxville Police Department early Saturday morning after he allegedly entered UT student Ryan Patrick Miller's home at 1628 1/2 Forest Ave., according to a UT Police Department report. Miller and Joshua Bentley, another UT student, told officers that Williams threatened them with a gun. Miller said Williams struck him several times on the head with a pistol, while Bentley said Williams placed a gun in his mouth and also struck him in the head with an open hand.
The third victim, Matthew Isaac, 20, of Lenoir City, is not a UT student. Neither Miller or Bentley sustained physical injuries, according to the report. The KPD is investigating the robbery.