"I always read the front page and sports page because they're interesting. I read other stories depending on the headlines, and if the headlines aren't good, I read the crime log instead."
- Darbi Alexander, sophomore in finance with a collateral in accounting

"I read Glenn's column and the classifieds. I can always count on Glenn to make fun of someone and then get in trouble for it later. And although I never respond to the classifieds because I have a job, I still like to see who's hiring."
- Laura Wendt, senior in psychology

"Basically I just read the sports, because I like to know what's going on with the sport teams in my school. I also enjoy Dave Barry's column."
- Elizabeth Paulk, senior in accounting

"I like the crosswords. It gives me something to do in class."
- Elizabeth Morrow, undecided junior

"My law school friends and I like reading Glenn's column because it always makes us laugh."
- Bart Pickett, first-year law student