Daniel Flynn, author of "Why the Left Hates America," spoke Tuesday night on his perception of the left and its principles.
"If there is difficulty in defining leftists it is because leftists have difficulty explaining themselves," Flynn replied when asked to define "leftists."
Webster defines left as, "those individuals or organized groups, advocating liberal reform or revolutionary change in the social, political or economic order."
Flynn defined the left in a different way.
"The left has essentially been a program in the negative," Flynn said. "I know a lot about what the left is against, but I'm not sure even leftists themselves know what the left is for."
Flynn spent a majority of his time outlining ways in which leftists voice their opinions: whether by protesting or disciplinary action, such as banning Flynn from speaking, which has happened in isolated cases or expressing radical views on popular opinion.
Greg Nichols, a UT alumnus and man who considers himself "a conservative that wants to conserve traditional liberalism," said he didn't leave Flynn's presentation completely satisfied.
"I'm nitpicking it from a sympathetic perspective but I feel his one shortcoming is that he identifies leftists as a radical few that by themselves don't really have that much strength, they only have strength if they have liberals supporting themselves."
"I really liked the point he was making how America is a really great country ... We're not perfect but we're pretty good," Danielle Hosking, freshman in economics, said.
Another topic Flynn touched on was America's tolerance. Flynn said many leftists claim that America is racist and fears foreigners, but that they are wrong. An example he used was that hundreds of people arrive by boat from Cuba but no one leaves Florida in a rowboat for Havana.
Flynn said he believes the media is 80 percent biased.
"I think that there are a number of problems with media. Someone pointed out there are too few corporations owning too many media outlets," he said. "As a conservative I believe that there's a general liberal bias in the media.
"There is a huge gap between consumers of media and producers of media where a lot of people go into journalism not to present the facts but to act as a crusader for a certain cause, and I don't think that's what journalism is all about."
Flynn said the left hates America because it is a failed capitalist society in their minds and without a "candy land" utopia, true "leftists," whatever they are, will never be content.
"It's almost hatred, to make sense. If you hate capitalism, if you hate Christianity, how could you not hate America?"