KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - It was one post-game celebration Aletha Penn and Steve Cassity couldn't miss.
The girls' high school basketball coaches were married on the court after their teams played against each other Tuesday night.
"Basketball brought us together," said the bride. "I don't know. It just seemed natural for us."
She and Cassity met at a basketball camp and kept in touch. She spent some time in New York working in fashion design, while he was in Wichita as an assistant coach at Wichita State University.
Eventually, Penn returned to Kansas City to coach, and Cassity said he called her "to ask about a couple of her players."
"Let's be honest here," Penn said. "I don't think he was interested in my players."
Cassity, who later got a high school coaching job, proposed to Penn at one of her basketball practices. Penn suggested they get married in the gym on the night they coached against each other.
The groom's team beat the bride's 65-to-60.