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Students have the opportunity to study abroad and get paid for it through the Rotary Ambassador Scholarship, but the deadline is fast approaching.
The scholarship grants the recipient up to $22,000 for up to a year's study in a foreign country. The scholarship may be used the year after the recipient wins it, as well.
"The amount can vary depending on where you choose to go or how long you plan to study abroad," said Bob Samples, member of the Rotary Club chapter in Knoxville.
Students may pick up a scholarship application, before the April 1 deadline, in the Rotary Club office in Knoxville or call the office and have one mailed to them. Students must specify three choices in order of preference of where they wish to study abroad should they win the scholarship.
The scholarship committee will then notify the student about the date of his or her interview.
The Rotary Club chapter in Knoxville will interview all applicants from the Knoxville area throughout April. After the local interview process, one student will be declared the winner of the Knoxville area.
The Knoxville winner will then participate in a second interview process. He or she will compete against winners from Rotary Club chapters in all areas of Tennessee east of Nashville. Members of Rotary Clubs from all over East Tennessee will conduct these district interviews. One student will be declared the district winner after this interview process and then receive the scholarship, Samples said.
"They (the Rotary Club interviewers) really want to know how you plan on using the scholarship and how you will represent Rotary as an ambassador," Sarah Keeton, SGA president and winner of the Rotary Ambassador Scholarship in 2003, said.
Keeton said she was notified that she won the scholarship in the summer of 2003.
Samples urged students to pick up applications as soon as possible so they will have time to complete it by the April 1 deadline.
The Rotary Club chapter of Knoxville is located at 531 S. Gay St. Students may also call 523-8252 to request an application mailed to them.
"It's a great scholarship. It's flexible; you can pick where you want to go," Keeton said.