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In 2002, more than 1,500 crimes were reported to authorities on or near The University of Tennessee campus.
The University of Tennessee Police Department provides the statistics on its Web site in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990.
The federal law requires all colleges and universities to make campus crime statistics available to the public.
Before 1988, however, only four percent of colleges and universities voluntarily reported campus crime statistics to the FBI and to the public.
The Clery Act, which was amended in 1998 to include the disclosure of more crime statistics, requires that universities publish and distribute annual security reports that contain, among other information, campus security policies and procedures and actual campus crime statistics.
The law is named in memory of Jeanne Clery, a freshman at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania who was raped and murdered in her residence hall in 1986. The attacker gained access to her room through three doors that were propped open in the residence hall that should have been closed and locked.
After Clery's death, her parents, Connie and Howard Clery, described crime on campus as "one of the best kept secrets in the country." Together they founded Security On Campus Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining safe campuses for college and university students.
"Our daughter died because of what she didn't know," the Clerys said on their Web site.
For the Clerys, the organization is a way to remember their daughter through educating others about campus crime.
At UTPD, Sgt. Carl Kelly compiles the crime statistics each year and publishes them on the department's Web site.
"We are required to post all crime information to the Department of Education and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation," Kelly said.
He said the law requires crime statistics for the previous year to be reported by Oct. 1 of the current year.
"Right now, you'll see the statistics for 2002 on our Web site," Kelly said. "The 2003 data will be available in the fall."
Although the 2003 crime statistics will not be available until October 2004, Kelly said the previous year's statistics are often an accurate representation of the current year's crime.
"What you're looking at for 2002 is pretty close to what happened in 2003," he said.
Bethany Curry, freshman in architecture, said she was not aware that UTPD published its crime statistics.
"It's good to know the UTPD publishes this information. It makes me feel safer," Curry said.
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