NEW YORK (AP) - Tina Wesson, a former "Survivor" champ, was the first to get banished when the hit CBS reality game returned for its "All-Stars" rematch Sunday night.
The 42-year-old former nurse from Knoxville was voted off by her fellow Saboga Tribe mates at a rainy tribal council, from which all the rival players were excused after winning an immunity challenge.
Wesson went all the way on "Survivor: The Australian Outback" in Spring 2001. Her strong showing then may have worked against her this time among wary teammates.
Unlike the seven editions that have gone before, "Survivor: All-Stars" is being waged by 18 veteran castaways, including old favorites like Ethan Zohn ("Survivor: Africa" champ two years ago) and Richard Hatch (winner of the original series in 2000), who, true to his flabby form, wasted no time stripping naked. (His privates were digitally blurred for most of the hour.)