Gabriel Garcia
Staff Writer

A distinguished professor of logistics at The University of Tennessee has recently added another award to his wall of fame.
Ted Stank, associate professor of logistics and transportation, received the 2002 Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award along with four other co-authors.
The La Londe Best Paper Award is presented annually by the Council of Logistics Management, the leading association for business logistics managers, to the author or authors of the Journal of Business Logistics article who make the most significant contribution to logistics knowledge.
The Journal of Business Logistics is the leading academic and practitioner research journal in business logistics, according to Scott Keller, professor of logistics at Michigan State University and a co-author of the winning article.
Stank and his four colleagues won for the article titled "A Summary and Analysis of Multi-Item Scales Used on Logistics Research."
The authors compiled the 100-page article by reading through every article, approximately 2,063 of them, from leading journals for logistics issues written between the years 1961 and 2000. The authors then identified all of the different measurement scales, approximately 690, and listed them into categories, according to Keller.
"We are in a relatively young discipline, and research has only started to mature on logistics," Stank said. "We decided that there was a need for one consolidated source for people to see the past work on logistics."
The paper shows which logistics measures were the most highly developed in the field and which ones were not very developed. Doctoral students will use this article many times in the future as a primary source of logistics measures, Stank said.
Keller added that doctoral students will have the opportunity to further develop the logistics measures which the document finds lacking in the field.
"It's a logistics doctoral student's gold mine of measures. It represents all of the great minds of logistics research since the 1960s. What the award means to me is that the research is valuable, not only of the five authors of the paper, but of all of the logistics researchers before us," Keller said. "It was humbling to see all of that progress awarded in one document, but also exciting because it shows what working together with four other good friends can achieve."
"It is nice to get the recognition from your peers that we are doing something worthwhile," Stank added.