DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) - A man who took photos of two foster children wrapped in duct tape in their cribs was sentenced to 12 to 30 months in prison.
In imposing the sentence on Neil Broe, Judge Alan Rubenstein said the 30 pictures depicted "a horrifying image ... one that will stay with me for a long time."
Some of the photos showed the 2-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl wrapped at least six times with duct tape around the chest and legs. One picture showed a child's bare legs dangling through crib rails, the ankles bound with packing tape and the diaper wrapped with duct tape.
Authorities alleged Broe, 42, and Colleen Broe, 34, bound the children to keep them under control. Colleen Broe was acquitted of child abuse charges in November and accused her estranged husband of staging the photos because the couple was in the midst of a divorce.
Neil Broe pleaded guilty to child endangerment, but denied using duct tape.