NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A Tulane University student's sport utility vehicle was stolen twice in three days, once while she waited for police to arrive so she could fill out a report.
Maggie Ardolino, a senior, and five friends left a restaurant on Jan. 17 and found that her 1998 Jeep Cherokee was gone. She called police to report the theft.
Three days later, a Tulane security officer called Ardolino and said her car had been found in the parking lot of a furniture store far from campus.
Ardolino found her Jeep next to a loading dock at the store. The front end was wrecked, the interior had been ransacked and the CD player was gone.
Ardolino and her friends waited three hours for police to show up. They were frightened when they spotted two men walking in their direction, so they drove around the block.
When they returned a few minutes later, the Jeep was gone.
"It's unfortunate, and it's certainly not a scenario that happens very often," police spokesman Capt. Marlon Defillo said. "We understand the inconvenience. In this case, a double inconvenience."