KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A man who nearly drowned while trying to retrieve his car keys from a lake bottom - using a garden hose to breathe - will try again Thursday with a trained diver.
Michael Hatfield, 54, lost his car keys in Longview Lake on Memorial Day. The Missouri State Water Patrol said he used the hose to snorkel 30-feet below the surface, with a 20-pound boat anchor tied to his waist to help him reach the bottom.
On one attempt, the garden hose slipped from his mouth. Hatfield, unable to breathe, became disoriented, the water patrol said.
A spotter holding a rope tied to Hatfield pulled him to safety after sensing trouble.
Hatfield was not breathing for a short time after he surfaced, but eventually began breathing on his own. Authorities said he refused medical treatment.