CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A homemade sex video was found at a day care center whose license was then suspended, state investigators said.
Department of Human Services officials made a surprise visit March 4 to Angels R Us, an in-home day care.
The videotape depicts a sexual act between day care owner Susan Deering and one of her female employees, according to the DHS order that temporarily closed the business.
Deering told investigators that she, her husband and another couple that included the female employee had swapped partners on Jan. 23. The video was taped in a den adjacent to the child-care area, according to the DHS report.
Sheri Phillips, the Deerings' attorney, said the video was filmed after all the children were gone. She said the day care center is separated from the den by a metal door that is always locked.
The video and other pornographic material were found in the Deerings' bedroom, investigators said.