The University of Tennessee Police Department is seeking information regarding the alleged assault of a male student on Friday night.
The victim said he was walking home from the Carousel on White Avenue at around 2 a.m. and was attacked by three men as he walked up the stairs off Melrose Avenue toward the International House.
According to the victim, the men waited for him at the top of the stairs, pushed him down and began hitting and kicking him, leaving him unconscious.
"The night was a blank," the victim said. "I don't even remember walking home. I only remember defending myself and getting hit."
The victim said when he arrived at his apartment he noticed a derogatory homosexual term written on his chest with a marker.
According to police reports, the victim suffered two black eyes and several scratches and bruises all over his body. After a visit to the Student Health Center on Monday, X-rays confirmed that he also suffered a fractured nose and a stubbed thumb.
The report stated that the victim waited until Monday to file a police report because he was afraid.
"I only visited the Student Health Center because (the) Dean (of Students, Maxine) Thompson made me," the victim said. "I don't even go to food courts on campus to eat anymore."
The victim said that the only description that he could give of his assailants was that one was a black male, and that he was accompanied by two white males, one of which had a goatee.
The victim stated he had not seen his attackers before the assault but would be able to identify the white male with the goatee, the police report said.
UTPD Detective Emily Sellers said no additional information about the assailants' identities has become available since Monday.
UTPD notified the Knoxville Police Department of the assault, and the victim was advised to contact them and file a report there as well.