Below are accounts of people who have visited the Smithsonian 9-11 exhibit. Visitors are encouraged to write their experiences with Sept. 11 on a wall called "Tell Your Own Story."

"Today we know who did it, but we still don't know why."
- Anonymous

"The day of Sept. 11, for me, was sitting in school, unaware of the tragedy in New York. No one told our class ... anything. I found out coming home, turning on the TV."
- Anonymous

My life has changed. Well, I sort of feel like the terrorists thought that they could kill everyone of us. I think that they could do that, but they can never take away our freedom by breaking up our nation."
- Crystal, 11, Knoxville

I turned on the TV, which normally I do not in the a.m. I remember seeing the tower, then the smoke ... my hands to my mouth in total shock ... crying, called each of my family members to say I love you and you're OK."
- Woman, 56, Knoxville

I was at Gresham Middle School. The teachers started to look worried. My teacher finally turned on the television and we all watched in horror. The first plane had already hit the North Tower.
- Girl, 13, Knoxville

I knew my brother, Tony Karnes, was in Tower 1. I waited all day for a phone call ... that didn't happen. He was lost forever.
- Brenda, 56, Knoxville

"The atmosphere at school that day was disbelief. It was surreal. It seemed to move in slow motion."
- Anonymous

"All I did was slump down behind my book and I cried ... a lot.
- Haley, 13, Knoxville