NASHVILLE (AP) - Former Nashville police officer William Bishop has been placed on probation for five years for causing the death of a fellow officer in a car crash.
Bishop, 32, pleaded guilty to reckless vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment. He immediately resigned from the Police Department.
The family of the dead officer, Paul Cleveland, 28, agreed that it made no sense to sentence Bishop to prison but said it would be "unconscionable" for him to have his record wiped clean in five years as if the incident had never happened.
At a hearing scheduled for April, the district attorney's office will challenge a defense request to have Bishop's record expunged.
Last September, Bishop sped down a riverside road at 80 to 90 mph and plunged into the Cumberland River. The speed limit on the half mile long street is 30 mph.
Bishop and Officer Cody O'Quinn, 28, swam to safety from the submerged car, suffering only scrapes and bruises. Cleveland died.