As voters head to the polls for the Nov. 2 Presidential Election, these issues are some of the larger topics of each campaign. After interviewing representatives from each party in Knoxville, here is a breakdown for voters.

Issue John Kerry George W. Bush

Affirmative Action Supports Affirmative Action Opposes quotas.

Abortion Pro-Choice Pro-Life, with exceptions for rape, incest and mother's health cases.

Capital Punishment Opposes Death Penalty except for terrorists. Supports Death Penalty.

Gun Control Supports renewing assault weapons ban. Did not renew assault weapons ban.

Social Security Opposes privatization of social security. Supports privatization of social security.

Higher Education Supports a refundable tax credit on up to Bush is for increasing funds for the Pell Grant and
$4,000 of tuition for every year of college. has focused on the Presidential Math and Science
Scholars fund which would create $100 million dollars
in grant money.

Homosexual Rights Opposes gay marriage, supports civil unions. Opposes gay marriage and civil unions.

Kyoto Treaty Advocated for the Kyoto Protocol, which required In 2001Bush rejected the 1997 Kyoto Treaty.
participants to reduce greenhouse emissions to
pre-1990 levels.

Military Draft Opposes draft. Opposes draft.

-sources included Knox County Bush/Cheney campaign,, Knox County Democratic Party.