1971: Nixon restores U.S. military aid to anti-communist dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier
1976: First wave of "boat people" land on American shores
1986: Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime falls, eventually to be replaced by dictator Prosper Avril
1990: Jean-Bertrand Aristide is elected
1991: FRAPH, a CIA-backed junta, forces Aristide to flee
1994: Aristide is returned to power by the U.S. and U.N. militaries
1995: Aristide disbands the military
2000: Questionable vote counting prompts the Clinton administration to block $400 million in loans
2003: Nonviolent opposition in Haiti is quieted while insurgent groups plot ouster from the sanctum of the Dominican Republic
Feb. 29, 2004: Aristide is given a U.S. military escort into exile
Today: The Caribbean Community has yet to officially recognize the interim government headed by Gerard Latortue