"I think if Kerry is elected, there's a chance that minimum wage will go up and health care will become more affordable. As undergraduate students ... I think that will have a big effect if it happens. If it goes the other way, things will continue to be difficult."
- Pamela Smith, senior in creative writing

"It might affect the free speech of the U.S. Patriot Act."
- Will Pratt, sophomore in political science and philosophy

"Both candidates stink. The whole system is corrupt."
- Adam Stevens, senior in business

"I'm mostly concerned about education, so whoever has the strongest views on education is going to determine my vote."
- Mickayla Eldridge, junior in English

"I think as far as the economy goes, it depends on who wins ... Kerry doesn't realize that raising taxes for the wealthy will ultimately cause job loss for the middle class."
- Elaine Triplett, freshman in journalism and electronic media

"The only thing I can see is tuition hike, and that could go either way for either candidate."
- Carla Rayburn, junior in retail and consumer science

"I don't think it will (affect me). The last election didn't too much. But a vote for Kerry is a vote for communism."
- Logan Dyer, junior in classics

- Compiled by Kristin Luna