"'Home sweet home to me. Once there was a girl on Rocky Top, half bear, the other half cat.' Everyone knows that."
- Andy Bright, junior in political science

"'Rocky Top, you'll always be.'"
- Katherine Rieder, sophomore in graphic design

"Is it 'Once I had a girl on Rocky Top?' I should know this, I'm in the band."
- Erica Ware, junior in nursing

"'Good ole Rocky Top.'"
- Chris Young, junior in drawing

"Is it like 'Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me?'"
- Katie Sass, freshman in advertising

"About telephone bills, that one?"
- Morgan Stevenson, undecided freshman

"Smokey's on the prowl? Grrr ..."
- Brett Peters, fifth year in music education

- Compiled by Kristin Luna