When you were a child, what was the scariest part about Halloween?

"The ghouls, their teeth especially."
- Brian Bailey, sophomore in philosophy

"The dark. I lived on a farm, so walking around in the dark with animals all around was pretty spooky."
- Tess Thompson, junior in communications

"Maybe going to haunted houses with the weird people in weird costumes yelling weird things at you."
- Kimber Jiroch, senior in sociology

"I had nightmares about the movie 'Tommyknockers.' The whole green alien thing does not go over well with me."
- Jason Mershen, sophomore in physical therapy

"Being by myself and having to walk without my parents."
- Jacqueline Hughes, undecided freshman

"Clowns are really scary, and 'Friday the 13th' totally freaked me out."
- Sandra Morgan, junior in therapeutic recreation and psychology

"Probably the pumpkins. Some people used to carve them up with scary teeth and all, and because of the movie 'Halloween,' they really scared me."
- Ken Tate, senior in sports management and sociology

- Compiled by Kristin Luna