"I don't know. Did it used to be Joe Johnson? Or is that just the name of a street?"
- Matt Ewing, senior in finance

"James McBride."
- Bekha Gray, sophomore in psychology, and Steven Eller, sophomore in finance

"Jim Carrey? I have no clue."
- Felix Adam, junior in anthropology

"Ralph Bottom."
- Stephen May, sophomore in art history

"I don't even have a clue who he is. I've never even heard his name before."
- Arron Sears, undecided sophomore

"Williams? I have no idea."
- Alice Hill, junior in logistics

"Clements? Is it something like that? Or Petersen? No, that's wrong, too."
- Misty Taylor, junior in biochemistry/cellular and molecular biology

- The current UT president is John Petersen, who took office in July 2004. Future questions can be submitted for suggestion to kluna@utk.edu.