"The cafeteria lady's because you get to be around food all day long."
-Allison Cash, freshman in pre-pharmacy

"The football kicking coach because you get paid a lot and don't have to do anything."
-Chris O'Barr, sophomore in nursing

"I think I'd take the president's job because you get to take 'cultural trips' like safaris in Africa."
-Gabriel Cole, freshman in political science

"I think it would be interesting to have the job of an art professor."
-Nicole West, freshman in education

"The athletic director because you get paid a hefty sum and get to go to all the athletic events for free."
-Nick Townsend, undecided sophomore

"I really don't think I would want anybody's job here. None of them interest me."
-Natalie Robinett, junior in business

"I'd be a police officer, say no more underage consumption violations, and let UT be a free-for-all to party."
-Ryan Shealy, sophomore in business

"Phil Fulmer for fame and fortune. I like football, too, and he makes a lot of money."
-Tommy Thigpen, sophomore in business

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