"Loyalty, honor and fidelity."
- John Hale, senior in speech pathology

"Ow, my hand is hot."
- Chris Franklin, undecided sophomore

"Let your light shine for all to see."
- Melina Kemph, sophomore in broadcasting

"Knowledge is power. So as long as I have something between my ears, I can get naked because I have knowledge."
- Abdul Raheem, junior in sports management, language and world business and French

"Damn, it's cold out here."
- Laurin Finney, sophomore in journalism and electronic media

"They need to find somebody else to do this job."
- Scott Hewitt, fifth year in sociology

- The official Torchbearer's Creed reads, "He that beareth a torch shadoweth himself to give light to others." Future questions can be submitted for suggestion to kluna@utk.edu.