Staff Writer

Fred J. Holt Jr., who served on the University of Tennessee Police Department for 37 years, died Saturday after a long illness. He was 59.
Holt was a senior patrolman at the department, and also served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. His UTPD co-workers say they remember him as friendly and dedicated to his job.
"Fred was very outgoing, very personable," UTPD Sgt. Jim Underwood said. "He was one of those people who never met a stranger, and anybody who'd been at the university for any period of time knew Fred.
"He was here when I came around as a kid because my dad worked here, so I've known him a long time," Underwood said.
UTPD Detective Gary Spangler, who worked with Holt all 37 years, also said Holt had many friends.
"He was a very friendly person," Spangler said. "He had a lot of friends, and always had comical things to say about everything."
"Fred made every rollcall enjoyable," Underwood said. "It won't be the same here without him."
UTPD Chief Ed Yovella said Holt enjoyed everything about his job.
"He was always here ready to do what was asked of him," Yovella said, adding that Holt only stopped working two months ago when cancer treatments prevented him from driving. "I worked with him for 36 years. He has always been loyal and dedicated.
"He will really be missed by everyone at the department."
Holt is survived by his fiancee, Wanda Hammontree, his brothers Bobby and Kenneth Roberts and his sisters Clara Betty Weaver and Glenda Yardley.