Municipal Technical Advisory Service, a 33-member agency created by The University of Tennessee, will relocate this spring from its Henley Street location to Oak Ridge Turnpike.
The new location will accommodate the MTAS library, which serves as the most comprehensive collection on city government in Tennesseel and provide additional training space for East Tennessee municipalities.
Parker Hardy, president of the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, said he was pleased the service will be moving to Oak Ridge.
“I think the MTAS move is a very clear demonstration of the growing commitment being made by the University of Tennessee to this community,” Hardy said. “That (commitment) has already been demonstrated by UT’s partnership role in managing the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
MTAS was established in 1949 and is a division of UT’s Institute for Public Service.
More than 4,300 municipal officials underwent MTAS training in 2004.
The direct services are pre-paid by direct state funding and local and statewide sales taxes, and classroom training costs $20 per person.
Bob Schwartz, executive director of MTAS, describes the service as a vital part of the university’s public service objective.
“We provide recommendations to city leaders and technical solutions to better manage cities,” Schwartz said. “Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling a city government whether or not they need to raise the price for water or sewage.
“We’ve enjoyed being on campus,” Schwartz said. “But we look forward to having more training space.”
MTAS has been using other campus facilities for training seminars, Schwartz said. The Henley Street facility measured 8,600 square feet and the new Oak Ridge facility will be 10,000 square feet.