Whether it is intramural teams or club/varsity sports, students are interested in playing sports — as evidenced by the mass of student athletes seen on the T-RECS intramural fields. One sport that students may see on the field could surprise them.
Cricket is a two-team game played with a bat and ball, and a group of students are bringing the sport into the spotlight at The University of Tennessee.
“It’s pretty similar to baseball, but I would say it’s more interesting,” said Mohammed Majaz Shaik, a graduate student in biomedical engineering and the team captain.
Other differences from baseball include an almost elliptical field and two batsmen at a time. Players are not allowed to wear gloves to aid them in catching the ball unless they are the wicket-keeper, who plays a function similar to baseball’s catcher.
Members of UT’s Indian students’ organization, Manthan, started playing cricket as a way to pass time in the summer when class schedules were light.
Choosing cricket came second nature to Majaz and Sumesh Zingde, a graduate student in mechanical engineering.
“In India it’s like a religion,” Zingde said.
Majaz even missed his ninth grade