The University Registrar will start charging a $7.50 fee to order official transcripts, effective by the end of January.
“Due to the high volume ordered and costs of printing and mailing transcripts, we decided to begin charging for transcripts. All official transcripts print on security paper that is quite expensive. Many universities charge for transcripts and have been doing so for many years,” Monique Anderson, associate dean and university registrar, said.
Although the university has charged a fee for ordering transcripts online for several years now, transcripts are free of charge in the Office of the Registrar until the end of this month.
“Most of the time current students do not need an official copy of the transcript,” Anderson said.
Many students will not be affected and expressed indifference to the new policy. However, one student in particular was displeased with the fee.
“One of my teachers did not report my grade. I couldn’t get it from Circle Park, and I was told by the Registrar that the only way to get my grade was to order it for $7.50 or to not receive it at all,” Cara Alexander, a sophomore in forestry, said.
The Registrar continues to offer alternative ways to order a transcript.
“Students can print a copy of their academic history report for free. The academic history report is the same as the transcript except that it is not the official copy of their transcript,” Anderson said.
An academic history is a more attractive option to current students because it includes additional information related to advising and the Hope scholarship that a transcript will not include.
In addition to the fee for transcripts from the office, the university will continue to offer students the opportunity to order transcripts online for the same cost.
“Credentials, Inc., our vendor, provides excellent customer service to students and universities throughout the country. Students can order on an encrypted Web site at any time of the day or night. It is a more secure, efficient way of requesting a transcript because fewer people are handling students’ sensitive information,” Anderson said.
This service also allows students and alumni to order transcripts from home or the nearest computer instead of making the trip to campus. The online service permits students to enter their own information, ensuring that all information is accurate.
DARWIN reports — which have taken the place of the previously offered DARS reports — will still be available at no cost.